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The Threat Of Memory
5x CD Boxset United Dirter
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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"Ion mixes deep dark cinematic tones, folk, world music; neo classical sounds and even a wonder towards more enthral dark pop tones.

For the most part the album drifts along with an atmospheri(...)"

Judas Kiss Magazine
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Von Thronstahl (Germany)
"E Pluribus Unum (reissue)" Digipak CD 2009, Cold Spring Records
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
"E Pluribus Unum" neatly collects all compilation tracks and rare 10" releases together, along with some remixes and unreleased pieces. Another statement confirming the power and majesty of Von Thronstahl, finally re-issued in Digipak and booklet.

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- tracklist -
01. Bells
02. Mitternachtsberg
03. Inthronisation
04. Fahnenträger
05. Verein (Sam)
06. Victoria I
07. Victoria II
08. Turn the Centuries (Version)
09. Das Neue Reich (Version)
10. Hail You Captain and Thy Guard
11. Path of St. Michael
12. Under the Mask of Humanity (Version)
13. Lawrence of Arabia (Arabian Unity Mix)
14. This Is Europe Not L.A.

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