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Arditi / Signa Inferre (Sweden / Germany)
"Statues of Gods / Invictis Victi Victuri - Black Vinyl" 10" EP 2009, Equilibrium Music
sold out
Split release featuring 3 unreleased tracks by each band, which serves not only to present new material by Arditi but also to introduce German Neo-Classical / Martial Industrial newcomers Signa Inferre.
A limited edition split release, featuring 3 unreleased and exclusive tracks by each band, which serves not only to present new material by Arditi but also to introduce German newcomers Signa Inferre, the finest offspring in the latest crop of Neo-Classical / Martial Industrial music.

For "Statues of Gods", Arditi tap into ancient Nordic traditions and incorporate them in their militaristic anthems. The characteristically oppressive soundscapes, pounding percussions and powerful orchestrations are represented in new shades, as elements of Nordic folk music shape Arditi's pieces into slow-motion medieval dances and ceremonial tributes to times past. The 3 tracks on this release should not be considered an indication for the direction that the new album will follow, however, and have been gathered here exactly due to the fact that they would not really fit a typical Arditi release.

"Invictis Victi Victuri" is the first release by Signa Inferre. Although the project has only recently surfaced, the maturity displayed in their pieces should quickly earn them a favorable position in the Neo-Classical / Martial Industrial scene. Leaving behind the typical insipid blending of samples lifted from Classical music recordings and looped ad nauseam, Signa Inferre's work develops in fluid and continuous progression, giving birth to fully accomplished epic scores brimming with martial beauty. This is only a small taste of what's to come, as Signa Inferre prepare their full length debut for Equilibrium Music, due in early 2010.

Available in 3 versions:
- Black vinyl, with silver on black print, limited 300 copies
- Grey vinyl, with silver on green print, limited 150 copies
- Collector's Pack - Grey vinyl, with silver on green print, plus 2 T-shirts, limited 50 copies

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- tracklist -
Arditi - Statues of Gods:
A1. Introit
A2. Statues of Gods
A3. Baragi
Signa Inferre - Invictis Victi Victuri:
B1. Into the Realm of Hades
B2. Resist or Serve
B3. Deconstructo Creativae

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