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"Trois ans après « State Collapse » sorti chez Regain Records, les suédois de Puissance reviennent avec un sixième album intitulé « Grace of God » en 2007. Pour ce nouvel opus, le groupe a de nouveau c(...)"

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Hexperos (Italy)
"The Garden of the Hesperides" Digipak CD 2007, Equilibrium Music
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
“The Garden of the Hesperides” is the debut album by Hexperos, the new Gothic/Neo-Classical project by the soprano Alessandra Santovito, founding member of Gothica.

The exotic Mediterranean fragrance of sensual percussion patterns, together with the low rumble of Francesco’s double bass and the soft keyboard pads enriched by the work of violinists Domenico Mancini and Alessandro Pensa, set the appropriate nocturnal atmosphere for Alessandra’s soaring voice to cast its spell - although Hexperos often brings to mind her past in Gothica, it is also obvious that her work has now reached a more mature stage.

Instrumentation and arrangements are often minimal throughout the songs, but skillfully mastered to balance grandiose dramatic moments against delicate passages, sparsely colored with a discreet Celtic tone which finds its way into some of tracks much through the contribution of harpist Francesca Romana Di Nicola.

This seemingly ethereal flirt is nevertheless ineffective in dispelling the predominantly somber quality of the album. In fact, much of the mood that “The Garden of the Hesperides” evokes can be compared to what one may find in Classical chamber music, yet it has been quite a few years since such ambiance has been so impressively comprised into a Gothic Neo-Classical album, and so perfectly used to display mysterious sensuality and romance. A remarkable debut, which easily deserves a place amongst the best works from acts such as Arcana, Ophelia’s Dream or Sopor Aeternus, and Dead Can Dance’s darkest days. Presented in spot UV-varnished Digipak CD.

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- tracklist -
01. Walking Roots
02. Hesperos
03. The Garden of the Hesperides
04. The Magnificence of the night
05. Rime Glitters in the Sun
06. The Warm Whisper of the Wind
07. Artemisia
08. The Call of the Ibis
09. Ritual
10. Loto Nero
11. Nana
12. Winter Rhymes
13. Ave Maria
14. Walking Roots II

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