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12" Gatefold LP The Spheres
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Digipak CD
"With their new album, this French band is walking on a habitual path, pioneered by Dead Can Dance/Love Is Colder Than Death and others. In a musical aspect, it is nearest to an alloy of world music an(...)"

Kronos Mortus
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Meidosem Records
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Collection d'Arnell-Andrea (France)
"Villers-aux-Vents - White Vinyl" 12" LP 2016, Meidosem Records
18.00EUR • approx. 26.1USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
An splendid re-issue for one of CAA's finest releases, which finds the band merging Neo-Classical elements with bits reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees on acid. For the first time on vinyl, lim. 400x.

- tracklist -
A1. Les Cendre-Lisières (3:47)
A2. L'Aulne Et La Mort (4:13)
A3. Le Chemin Des Dames (5:24)
A4. Les Hauts De Meuse (4:58)
A5. Les Parvis Déserts (6:10)
B1. Deaf Or Crazy (3:39)
B2. Verdun (6:09)
B3. Deafening Breath (4:19)
B4. Le Ravin Des Fontaines (3:23)
B5. L'Ornière (5:44)

last update: 2019-07-08
Guerre Froide (France)
"Coruscant" 12" LP 2017, Meidosem Records
21.00EUR • approx. 30.5USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
New album for Guerre Froide, with their unique blend of minimal new-wave, post-punk and coldwave, which features lyrics in French, close to existentialism & post-modern attitude, hypnotic bass lines, subtle synths & guitars. Comes w/download card.

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- tracklist -
A1. La Balance
A2. Moralité
A3. Ça Moins Ça
A4. La Chienne
B1. Mademoiselle
B2. Coruscant
B3. Le Voyeur
B4. Alors

last update: 2019-04-09
Spleen XXX (France)
"Poems of Charles Baudelaire" 12" LP 2017, Meidosem Records
22.00EUR • approx. 31.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Comparable in some parts of their sound to acts such as Veil of Light, Lebanon Hanover or The Agnes Circle, this French act delivers an album of catchy tracks and convincing sonorities. Lim. 300x.

audio files available
- tracklist -
A1. The Possessed (4:22)
A2. Spleen (3:24)
A3. Beauty (4:41)
A4. Her Hair (4:11)
B1. Love And The Skull (4:24)
B2. A Carcass (3:55)
B3. The Blind (3:39)
B4. Harmonie Du Soir (7:25)

last update: 2019-03-28
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