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Grace of God
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"Duo svedese bollato come 'maledetto' sin dai tempi del legame contrattuale con la Cold Meat Industry, per via dei suoni dark ambient deviati e per un'immagine ostentante ideologie molto vicine all'est(...)"
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Spectrum (United Kingdom)
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Spectrum (United Kingdom)
"Forever Alien (1997) - Orange Vinyl" 2x 12" LP 2020, Space Age Recordings
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Third studio album by the British Space Rockers, in which they moved them away from guitar-oriented music and towards electronic music, sounding both organic and analogue in style as it fuses psychedelic music with influences from the 1960s Electronica.

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- tracklist -
A1. Feels Like I'm Slipping Away
A2. The Stars Are So Far (How Does It Feel?)
A3. Close Your Eyes And You'll See
B1. Delia Derbyshire
B2. Owsley
B3. Forever Alien
B4. Matrix
C1. Like.....
C2. The New Atlantis
C3. The End
C4. Sounds For A Thunderstorm (For Peter Zinovieff)
D1. Liquid Intentions
D2. Sine Study

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