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Poets to their ...
Embrace the Fool
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"La historia de Poets to Their Beloved es una de esas historias de amor musical y cierto aire a romanticismo pagano de las que cada vez se dan menos en la música moderna. En concreto, fue en el año 200(...)"
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Arktau Eos (Finland)
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Arktau Eos (Finland)
"Catacomb Resonator" 12" LP 2018, Aural Hypnox
20.00EUR • approx. 29USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Led by abyssal psalmody, the sonic tapestry is interwoven with dusty, crackling electronics of a bygone era and other, subtler elements for an all-enveloping sound that readily lends itself to prolonged listening sessions. Lim. 423x.

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- tracklist -
A. Catacomb Resonator
B. Catacomb Resonator

last update: 2020-09-11
Arktau Eos (Finland)
"Mirrorion - Telegnostic Edition (2006)" A5 Digifile CD 2016, Aural Hypnox
15.00EUR • approx. 21.8USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Music of stellar light thrown down from the Heaven's zenith and its eldritch reflections in the depths below, uniting atavistic elemental noise with serene passages of crystalline, spectral ambience. Comes in an six-panel, A5 booklet. Limited to 1000 copi

- tracklist -
01. Raising the Oceanic Alpha-Axis
02. The Star-Sower Awakens
03. Mana Infusion
04. Black Tongue - Translucent Mind
05. A Banquet for Ghosts
06. The Bone-Orchard
07. Secrets Concealed in Ash
08. Language of Embers
09. Quickening the Crystal Body
10. The Vitric Portal
11. Labyrinth of Thousand Lanterns
12. Lotus of the Underworld
13. Silver River
14. Nether-Desert Iris
15. Obsidian Pyramid
16. Beacons in Polar Night
17. Dissolving the Starlit Mandala

last update: 2020-03-18
Arktau Eos (Finland)
"Scorpion Milk" Digifile CD 2014, Aural Hypnox
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
One single long track, best apprehended in a meditative state with minimum outside interference. Performed and mixed live by using mainly obscure electronica on a reel tape, it is the antithesis of the sterile, lifeless sound and attitude of our times.

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- tracklist -
01. Scorpion Milk (48:04)

last update: 2020-03-18
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