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Musique du Crépuscule
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"Note che potrebbero essere spalmate con delicatezza sulle immagini di un film che dona inquietudine a tratti, accarezzata tra violini e un uso intelligente del pianoforte come tessuto ritmico di diver(...)"

Minstrel Hall
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Ostara (Australia)
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Ostara (Australia)
"Eclipse Of The West" 12" LP + CD Set 2020, Trisol
32.00EUR • approx. 46.4USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
An uncompromising confrontation with the Zeitgeist, brimming from start to end with a sense of tragic urgency. Inspired by the Sturm und Drang movement, singer songwriter, Richard Leviathan, weaves a barbed thread through the centuries.

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- tracklist -
A1. Storm And Stress (3:54)
A2. Alchemy (2:31)
A3. Eclipse Of The West (2:47)
A4. Song Of Saul (2:49)
A5. Story of Pain (4:52)
A6. St John Of The Cross (2:58)
A7. Dystopia (2:42)
A8. Wayland's Sons (3:08)
B1. El Enemigo (3:42)
B2. City Of The Shades (3:32)
B3. Fifth Horseman (2:41)
B4. Runaway Horses (2:53)
B5. Cold Blunt Love (4:29)
B6. Siren Song (3:27)
B7. Sailor Of The Blue (3:41)
(same tracklist on the CD)

last update: 2020-07-18
Ostara (Australia)
"Napoleonic Blues" 12" LP 2017, Soleilmoon Recordings
27.00EUR • approx. 39.2USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
“Napoleonic Blues” is a reflection on the persistence of the past in the chaos of the present, history’s long shadow that refuses to dissolve. Eleven songs, linked by a chain of time, the ancient stalking the modern. Lim. 265 copies, on 200gr. vynil.

audio files available
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- tracklist -
A1. Devil in Detroit
A2. The Rift
A3. Blood to Stone
A4. The Caliphate
A5. Burnt Offerings
A6. Napoleonic Blues
B1. Red Swan
B2. Canaan
B3. Pyre in the Sky
B4. Dark Night of the Soul
B5. Black Templar

last update: 2020-09-11
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