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Regõ Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
"Equilibrium Music del nostro amico Nuno Roberto è una fucina di talenti inesauribile, una piccola casa discografica che porta avanti con passione una strategia precisa di supporto alla Musica, e che c(...)"

Silent Scream Webzine
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Out September 1st 2017, on Equilibrium Music
Daemonia Nymphe (Greece)
EQM039 - "Macbeth" Digipak CD 2017 [ out 2017.09.01 ]
14.00EUR (Buy now, with PayPal - Shipping included worldwide)
Buy now, with PayPal
Well known for their compositions and improvisations performed with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments manufactured by Nikolaos Brass, the ethereal essence that dominates Daemonia Nymphe‘s pieces allows them to reach beyond the scope of World Music and forge their own idyllic liaison with Greece’s cultural heritage.

Given their project’s unique artistic concept, an invitation for Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou to create soundtrack work would inevitably surface. Although they had already been involved in similar projects in the past, the opportunity to compose and record a full score ultimately came to fruition with a commission from the National Theatre of Northern Greece to create an original soundtrack for their theatre production of “Macbeth”. The play was directed by Anastasia Revi and performed at the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies in Thessaloniki, Greece, between 15/01/2016 and 27/03/2016.

The challenge of producing an aural backdrop to Shakespeare’s classic finds Daemonia Nymphe introducing discreet traits common to Dark Ambient or Neo-Classical in their music to more adequately portray the idiosyncrasies inherent to the play. While employing their trademark combination of traditional archaic instrumentation and dreamlike female vocals, Daemonia Nymphe also expand their palette to include brass instrumentation, orchestral percussion or Scottish bagpipes, resorting to a myriad of guest musicians for these recordings. The complete work brings together mesmerising lullabies sung in whispers and hushed voices, epic interludes driven by bombastic trumpets, battle passages paced to martial drumming, enticing dances set to exotic rhythms, or even the odd Medieval jig heard during Macbeth’s coronation. However, even while perfectly mimicking and expanding upon each of “Macbeth”’s dramatic moments, the score also successfully stands as one of Daemonia Nymphe’s most complex and mysterious albums to date.

“Macbeth” is released in beautiful full colour Digipak CD. The physical release includes two additional short pieces as bonus tracks and features original artwork by Spyridon created especially for this release.

DAEMONIA NYMPHE - Macbeth Digipak CD
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- tracklist -
01. Macbeth's Triumph (3:59)
02. Witches' Lullaby (5:25)
03. Never Shall Sun That Morrow See (5:14)
04. The Fallacious Glance (3:29)
05. A Dagger of the Mind (6:08)
06. Suspicion (4:00)
07. Macbeth's Coronation (3:37)
08. Into the Woods (4:35)
09. The Dinner (3:50)
10. Hecate's Wrath (3:18)
11. Lady Macduff's Lament (3:21)
12. The Battle in Bernham Forest (5:39)
13. Malcolm's Victory (2:11)
Bonus tracks (CD exclusives):
14. The Letter / Hypnovasia (4:33)
Out June 21st 2017, on Equilibrium Music
Àrnica (Spain)
EQM035 - "Cabeza de Lobo" Digipak CD 2017 [ out 2017.06.21 ]
14.00EUR (Buy now on Digipak CD, with PayPal - Shipping included worldwide)
Buy now, with PayPal

12" LP + 7" set and limited editions coming soon - contact us for pre-orders!
A Wolf’s head shape is tearing apart the mist. Howlings in the distance bring silence to an end, the throbbing of blood now resounding in wardrums.

For well over 10 years, Àrnica have been patiently carving their niche in the Neo-Folk scene. The genre's free form aesthetics have served as a perfect starting ground, yet were quickly subdued by Àrnica's own vision as they delved into Iberian lore and tradition to find both a wealth of musical references and the spiritual elements that would shape them into a unique entity.

Well acquainted with the Post-Industrial school of experimentation and sound manipulation, Àrnica were quick to make good use of its tools and techniques. Loops, samples and field-recordings merge seamlessly into traditional acoustic instrumentation, adding fine details and rural textures to their vivid portrayal of a world forgotten. This primal legacy to which Àrnica are devoted further manifests through the savage drumming, the warhorns and the battle cries, as sound ultimately transforms into a mesmerizing ritual.

Following numerous live appearances, which have brought Àrnica to share the stage with bands like Wardruna, Death In June, Blood Axis or Tyr, the band now join Equilibrium Music for their third full-lenght album, one which successfully captures the raw archaic energy of their shows into recorded form.

Much like an alchemic transmutation of lead into gold, Àrnica’s new offering shapes Ur-Folk into Ritual music, distilled under the scorching sun of Iberia to bring one of the most menacing and intense releases ever related to the genre. The album speaks of an old ruler that inspired his kin to fight back against those who sought to take their ground, back in an age forlorn where man and beast were as one. Now, more than pay mere tribute, Àrnica call upon Cabeza de Lobo to lead the Wild Men once again, in a much needed return to wilderness.

"Cabeza de Lobo" is available on CD (gold disc on spot-varnished Digipak) and vinyl (limited edition 12” + 7” set, on heavy gold-colored vinyl, featuring collaborations with Trepaneringsritualen and Apokalypse Projekt). Each version holds a different tracklist. A limited edition boxset is also available.

» Àrnica official website
» Àrnica on facebook

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- tracklist -
01. ¡Leukade! ¡Leukade! ¡Leukade! (04:43)
02. Gira La Rueca (04:01)
03. Dioses Ocultos (04:45)
04. Rueda Dextrógira (03:54)
05. Nieve En Llamas (04:57)
06. Eburos (03:32)
07. Cabeza De Lobo (06:18)
08. Rueda Levógira (04:40)
09. La Tésera Se Ha Quebrado (05:11)
10. Ataan (05:21)
Out March 17th 2017, on Equilibrium Music
Urze de Lume (Portugal)
EQM029 - "Vozes na Neblina" Digifile CDEP 2017 [ out 2017.03.17 ]
7.00EUR (Buy now on Digifile CDEP, with PayPal - Shipping included worldwide)
Buy now, with PayPal

Collector's Edition - Digifile CDEP 2017, mounted on pyro-engraved wood slice, Lim. 50 copies :: 15.00EUR + shipping [ add to cart ]
Urze de Lume represent a homage to the past.

Inspired by Iberian traditions, their music aims to celebrate the roots which identify a people and bind them to their land.

Founded in 2009, the band has recently become the Portuguese flagship for a new wave of like-minded projects currently spreading across Europe, who have embraced ancient ways and spirituality as both a starting point and a beacon for their incursions into Folk music.

Iberian ethnic instruments such as bagpipes, war drums, horns and various ancient stringed instruments provide the roots that burrow deep into the rich Lusitanian soil to nourish Urze de Lume's powerful and unique sound, whose belligerent tone ignites the audiences at the band's live performances.

"Vozes na Neblina", however, finds Urze de Lume taking a more quiet stance, in contemplation of the beauty of Fall. Its faded colours and a moist morning mist bring forth the memory of a transient moment, when the warmth of the Sun retires to give way to pitchblack night-time.

Just before soft percussion, along with the gentle shimmer of stringed instrumentation or the mesmerizing hum of a distant horn, take hold, Urze de Lume stir the embers of the crackling fireplace which welcomes us back to the comfort of our own inner sanctum. The time has come to cherish Autumn's melancholy farewell, as we recall all other departures that we came to face throughout our lives.

"Vozes na Neblina" brings two new instrumental tracks by Urze de Lume, as well as two preludes narrated by their friends and brothers-in-arms Àrnica.

Limited CDEP, available in two editions:
- Regular edition, lim. 300 handnumbered copies (Semi-transparent CD disc housed in silver-printed black carton stock.)
- Collector’s edition, lim. 50 handnumbered copies (Semi-transparent CD disc housed in silver-printed black carton stock. Comes mounted on a wood slice, pyro-engraved with the Urze de Lume logo, and includes a card autographed by all band members.)

» Urze de Lume official website
» Urze de Lume on facebook

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- tracklist -
01. Vozes na Neblina I (01:20)
02. Quando as Nuvens Escurecem (05:42)
03. Vozes na Neblina II (01:08)
04. Outono Eterno (04:40)
also available now, on Equilibrium Music

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