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Death In Rome
Digipak CD HauRuck!/SPQR
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Poets to their ...
Embrace the Fool
Digipak CD
"Il progetto Poets To Their Beloved nasce, quasi per caso, circa quattro anni fa durante un clinic di percussioni tenuto dal grande Brendan Perry dei Dead Can Dance. Il tutto avvenne nella verde Irland(...)"

Raw & Wild
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Rome (Luxembourg)
"Die Æsthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit" 3x 12" Gatefold LP 2017, Trisol
55.00EUR • approx. 79.8USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
A song cycle in three volumes - over 150 minutes, now slightly edited for the vinyl re-issue - bound together by spoken word parts, breathing the spirit of the works of Bertolt Brecht, Pablo Neruda, HM Enzensberger and Gustav Landauer. Lim. 500x.

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- tracklist -
LP I: Aufbruch / A Cross Of Wheat
A1. The Chronicles of Kronstadt
A2. The angry Brigade
A3. The Spanish Drummer
A4. To teach Obedience
A5. The Death of Longing
A6. Our Holy Rue
B1. The Night-Born
B2. The Pyre Glade
B3. In cruel Fire
B4. A Pact of Blood
B5. The Merchant Fleet
B6. A Cross of Wheat (Vinyl Edit)
LP II: Aufruhr / A Cross Of Fire
C1. The Brute Engine
C2. Seeds of Liberation
C3. To Each his Storm
C4. Sons of Aeeth
C5. August Spies
C6. To be Governed
D1. Families of Eden
D2. Red Years - Black Years
D3. Little Rebel Mine
D4. The Breaking Part
D5. Eagle and Serpent
D6. A Cross of Fire (Vinyl Edit)
LP III: Aufgabe / A Cross Of Flowers
E1. The Conquest of Violence (Vinyl Edit)
E2. All for Naught
E3. You threw it at Me like Stones
E4. Automation
E5. Time and Tide
E6. Dawn and the Darkest Hour
F1. Years of Abalone
F2. Petrograd Waltz
F3. Disbandment
F4. Ballots and Bullets
F5. Appeal to the Slaves
F6. A Cross of Flowers

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