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Ô Paradis
Eon 1999-2015
Digipak 2x CD Wrotycz Records
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The Moon and th...
Regõ Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
"La Hongrie est à l’honneur aujourd’hui grâce à la sortie du deuxième album de The Moon And The Nightspirit. Si le premier essai, aux traits fins et parsemé de délicates émotions, nous avait laissé aug(...)"

ObsküR[e] Kollektive
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Death In June (United Kingdom)
"Burial (1984) - 200gr. Vinyl" 12" LP 2016, Drastic Plastic Records
29.00EUR • approx. 42.1USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Burial was originally released as a LP in 1984 and was the first Death in June record to come via Leprosy Discs. Amongst the tracks on this record you´ll find a lot of classics and a complete set of brilliant live tracks.

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- tracklist -
Side Studio
A1. Death Of The West (2:10)
A2. Fields (2:45)
A3. Nirvana (2:46)
A4. Sons Of Europe (2:48)
A5. Black Radio (6:55)
Side Live
B1. Till The Living Flesh Is Burned (7:21)
B2. All Alone In Her Nirvana (3:51)
B3. Fields (3:33)
B4. We Drive East (3:40)
B5. Heaven Street (6:42)

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