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Another Brown W...
12" EP Sub Rosa
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Standards of Triumph
Digipak CD
"As Puissance started to drift away from a purely martial sound and into more rhythmic and pop-oriented territory, Arditi picks up the flame and marches on through the smoldering remnants of the invisi(...)"

Judas Kiss Magazine
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Nimh (Italy)
"Circles of the Vain Prayers" CD 2016, Rage in Eden / War Office
12.00EUR • approx. 17.4USD [ add to cart ]
Perfect Ambient, in an entrancing and blackened music pilgrimage to revisit sacred places of foreign small scale societies which borrows heavily from ethnic instruments and makes no use synthesizers or other electronic sounds.

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split release featuring Nimh:
  • Amon / Nimh
    "Sator" Digifile CD 2007

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- tracklist -
01. Circles of the Vain Prayers
02. Touching the End
03. Violating the Limits
04. Srivatsa

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