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12" LP Tough Love
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The Moon and th...
Digipak CD
"There are moments of frustration in every devoted listener's life. That is when you are wondering where has all the good music gone, when you've got the feeling someone, somewhere, is making a great p(...)"

Metal Perspective
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Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies (Holland)
"Earth Air Spirit Water Fire" 12" EP 2013, Vn
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Known for his work with The Devil's Blood, Selim's solo work delved in his own highly complex Psychedelic Kraut Rock universe. Each of the 5 songs on this debut seemed a galaxy away from any of the others, yet hold a striking unity.

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- tracklist -
A1. Chiaroscuro (10:32)
A2. Next Stop, Universe B. (03:25)
A3. The Ghost Of Valentine (06:59)
B1. The Deep, Dark Waters (10:57)
B2. Molasses (12:55)

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