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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"Puissance es un do sueco que nos presenta este increble trabajo titulado Grace of God, sin duda una de las mejores novedades de la escena Neofolk en lo que va de ao. Grace of God es un disco qu(...)"

La Defuncion
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Whourkr (France)
"4247 Snare Drums" Digipak CD 2012, Ad Noiseam
13.50EUR • approx. 19.6USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Harder, faster, more guitars, more growls. Whourkr is Igorrr's Metal alter-ego, and this is their 3rd album. A towering culmination of extreme metal run through equations, growls laid down mathematically, and guitars calculated for maximum efficiency.

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- tracklist -
01. Quadruple Plis de Peau
02. Coiffer Un Ours
03. Gastro-Equestre
04. Manger Du Beurre
05. Pachyderm Catapult
06. Petits Poneaux
07. Ostina
08. Maximum Speed Limit Monotone Snare Audition
09. Polygroin
10. Arithmetic Punishment
11. Gastro-Equetre (remix by Ruby My Dear)

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