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"Agnes Toth e Mihaly Szabo hanno dato vita ai The Moon and the Nightspirit solo un paio d'anni fa, ma grazie al supporto della Equilibrium Music, volenterosa e valida etichetta portoghese, hanno ora po(...)"

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Narsilion (Spain)
"Elenna Nórë" Digifile CD 2011, Ars Musica Diffundére
15.00EUR • approx. 21.8USD [ add to cart ]
Influenced by Japanese sounds with traditional instruments like Taikos, Kotos and Shakuhashi Flutes mixed with heavenly voices and symphonic orchestration, "Elenna Nórë" takes you on a magic journey into a new era of the Old Eternal Empire. Lim. 888x.

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- tracklist -
Capítol Primer - La terra en direcció a les estrelles
01. En les portes de l'eternitat
02. Amaurëa
03. The quest of legacy
04. Tardor
05. Senshi
Capítol Segon - En retornar al passat
06. Pedraforca, terra de bruixes
07. El regreso del Samurai
08. Winter Elven dream
09. La memòria del vent
10. A new beginning from the land of dreams
11. Zazen

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