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Digipak CD
"Auf 'Florilegium', dem zweiten Album des aus Italien stammenden Duos Lupercalia, befinden sich musikalische Elemente, die auf den ersten Blick so gar nicht zusammen passen wollen: Mittelalter, Neo-Kla(...)"

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Dead Man's Hill (Belgium)
"Via Occulta" Digipak CDr 2009, Old Europa Cafe
10.00EUR • approx. 14.5USD [ add to cart ]
A more neoclassical and ritual side of DMH, displaying several sides of the occult, with a feeling highly empowered with the extra use of orchestrations, choirs and even didjeribone. This bizar and obscure work is limited to 199 copies.

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split release featuring Dead Man\'s Hill:
  • Dead Man's Hill / Kenji Siratori
    s/t Digifile CD 2010
  • Hrossharsgrani / Dead Man's Hill
    "Dead : Meat" CD in DVDCase 2010

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- tracklist -
01. Via I The Wanderer
02. Via II To Jean Sandor
03. Via III To Marinette Bois-Chéche
04. Via IV Where the long shadows fall
05. Via V Cimetière
06. Via VI Necromanteion
07. Via VII To Baron Samedi

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