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Digipak CD
"Siempre he defendido la idea de que la musica no tiene ni límites ni fronteras, que da igual la fuente de la que nazca, ya sea una guitarra o un sintetizador, lo único que importa es que esa música mu(...)"

La Defuncion
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Rome (Luxembourg)
"Flowers From Exile" Digipak CD 2009, Trisol
14.50EUR • approx. 21USD [ add to cart ]
Just as early releases were apocalyptic and aggressive in nature, the expressionistically-tinged CD "Masse Mensch Material" could be said to have a revealed inner vision. "Flowers from Exile" goes a step further in this direction.

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- tracklist -
01. To a Generation of Destroyers
02. The accidents of Gesture
03. Odessa
04. The Secret Sons Of Europe
05. The Hollow Self
06. A Legacy of Unrest
07. To Die Among Strangers
08. A Culture of Fragments
09. We Who Fell in Love with the Sea
10. Swords to Rust - Hearts to Dust
11. Flowers from Exile
12. Flight in formation

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