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Divine Transgression
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Fourth, Part One
Digipak CD
"Deleyaman are an ethereal band with a wealth of influences on this new album.

Singers Beatrice Valantin and Aret Madilian have lovely voices that compliment each other well. They use the duduk,(...)"

Collected Sounds
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Stillife (Russia)
"Remembrance & Memories" 2x CD 2007, Twilight Records
18.00EUR • approx. 26.1USD [ add to cart ]
One of the strongest and most unique gothic acts from Russia. They are painting beautiful soundscapes laden with violins, keyboards, and poetry. This is gothic darkwave at its finest. Special re-issue of their last 2 albums, with additional bonus tracks!

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- tracklist -
CD I: Remembrance
01. Disillusions
02. The Wait
03. SunChariot
04. Fragile
05. We Used To Be
06. In Memory
07. Nothing's Left
08. Remember Me
09. Atem Der Vergangenheit
10. Flowers In The Puddle
11. Es Ist Die Stille (Endraum's Vision)
CD II: Memories
01. Suicide d'Albert Pincelet
02. Remember Me (Rosary Mix)
03. Atem Der Vergangenheit (Theodor Bastard Mix) 04. Nothing's Left (Organiks Rebuild)
05. Lose No More (Stillife Feat. Endraum)
06. Dreamcity
07. Remember Me (Remixed By Nature)
08. The Wait (Purple Fog Side Remix)
09. When Lights Go Off... (Inside Version)
10. SunChariot (Bon Vivant Mix)
11. In Memory (MT Music Mix)
12. Fragile (Luna Mix)
13. Gorod Sna (Traumstadt)
14. Lose No More (Endraum Version)

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