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Douglas Dare
12" LP Erased Tapes
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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"Let Us Lead, Back In Control, Mother of Disease, War On, Total Cleansing and State Collapse. All recorded by the duo of Fredrik Soderlund and Henry Moller…better known as Puissance. All good albums. N(...)"

Heathen Harvest
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Coph Nia (Sweden)
"Holy War EP" Digipak MCD 2001, Cold Meat Industry
6.50EUR • approx. 9.4USD [ add to cart ]
Where "That which Remains" was somewhat solemn and introspective, "Holy War" is more ´in your face´. Like its predecessor it varies a great deal in styles, but this time it´s more aggressive and sexual in nature. Deluxe digipak with gold foil printing.

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- tracklist -
01. Briefing
02. Holy War [pt.1 - enter]
03. The Binah/Satharyal Complex
04. Holy War [pt.3 - remobilize]

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