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Digipak CD
"A due anni di distanza dal lavoro precedente torna il duo ungherese dei The Moon And The Night Spirit con il terzo album della sua saga. Le sonorità non sono cambiate molto, siamo sempre in ambito fol(...)"

Rock Impressions
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Mongolito (Belgium)
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Mongolito (Belgium)
"Le Maudit" Digipak CD 2014, HauRuck!
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
With Mongolito's 2nd album a new world seems to open for all of us looking for authentic atmospheres and experiences. Reality can be though as it is, so let's take some distance from it and let yourself fall into the mongolirium dimension.

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- tracklist -
01. Maudit !
02. 10000 Midnights Ago
03. Nurse
04. Melalcoholia
05. Petronella
06. Shame
07. Le Venin
08. Mongo's Maggot Brain

last update: 2015-10-07
Mongolito (Belgium)
"Acedia" Digipak CD 2012, HauRuck!
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
Lost in darkness, the depths of love, hate, red wine and Brussels, Mongolito give a particular and original dimension to his guitar sounds, emerging between loops, variable tempos and drone sounds. A new world for all who seek to escape the rules of life.

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- tracklist -
01. Lets start with some pink medicine
02. All these stones
03. From Harlem to Oostend
04. The big coming down...end of self-esteen
05. NYC rising
06. Damascus
07. Procrastination
08. He Ping ping
09. Natureträne
10. Mongolirium

last update: 2013-03-18
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