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Digipak CD
"La musique de Rajna est toujours une invitation au voyage, leur 9ème album Offering ne déroge pas à la règle. Vous retrouverez encore une fois toute leur créativité influencée par les musiques ethniqu(...)"

L'Autre Monde
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Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
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Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"Doppelgänger" 7" EP 2018, Progress Productions
11.50EUR • approx. 16.7USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
Swedish electronic giants Agent Side Grinder returns on Record Store Day with their new 7", "Doppelgänger", and a new line-up! Majestic melodies on a foundation of Industrial beats and brooding electronics. Lim. 500x handnumbered copies.

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- tracklist -
A. Doppelgänger (04:20)
B. In From The Cold (05:08)

last update: 2019-02-11
Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"Irish Recording Tape" 12" LP 2016, Progress Productions
17.50EUR • approx. 25.4USD [ add to cart ]
Originally released in 2010, this holds several of the bands most classic tracks and is often considered an essential releases in the Minimal / Postpunk / Dark Wave revival. Lim. 500 copies on mint-green coloured vinyl.

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- tracklist -
A1 Pulse
A2 Die to Live
A3 The Screams
A4 Blue Streaks
B1 Eyes of the Old
B2 Telefunk
B3 Life in Advance
B4 Black Vein

last update: 2017-12-12
Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"Industrial Beauty Extended" Digipak 2x CD 2016, Manic Depression
19.50EUR • approx. 28.3USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
A new, second edition of "Industrial Beauty" as an EXTENDED version, including A LOT of bonus-material! ASG continue to reflect the spirit of the early 80’s, mixing Post Punk and no Wave with Krautrock, early Industrial and electronic experimentations.

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- tracklist -
01. Die to Live
02. Me, Me & Me
03. Life in Advance
04. The Screams
05. Lashes of Flashes
06. Eyes of the Old
07. Ricocheting Memories
08. String Strikes
09. Telefunk
10. Voice of your Noise
Bonus-Tracks [from SFTWR]:
11. Life in Advance (Jacques C rmx)
12. Die to live (Container 90 rmx)
13. Voice of your Noie (Fold rmx)
14. String Strikes (Cvrd by Styx Tyger)
15. 010-195 (Th.Tot mx)
16. Black Vein (Rude 66 rmx)
01. The Screams (live)
02. Me, Me & Me (live)
03. Telefunk (live)
04. Eyes of the Old (live)
05. Die to Live (live)
06. Voice of your Noise (live)
07. 005-200
08. 008-199
Bonus-Tracks [from Hardware comes alive]
9. Life in Advance
10. Telefunk
11. Die to live
12. Voice of Your Noise

last update: 2017-12-12
Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"Alkimia" Digipak CD 2015, Progress Productions
14.00EUR • approx. 20.3USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
ASG deliver their forth and most accomplished work to date! A unique sound, which mixes Post-Punk, Industrial, Electro and dramatic Pop. "Alkimia" sets a new era of dark Pop music and Agent Side Grinder will lead the way for bands that will follow.

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- tracklist -
01 Into the Wild
02 New Dance
03 Giants fall
04 Void (The winning Hand)
05 For the Young
06 Hexagon
07 This is us
08 Last Rites

last update: 2019-02-06
Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"This Is Us" 12" EP 2014, Progress Productions
12.00EUR • approx. 17.4USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A teaser for the brilliant "Alkimia", featuring the original version of the title track, as well as remixes by Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, Destroid etc) and Red Idiot (I’m From Barcelona), and the exclusive "Beloved Fool", feat. Kite!

related projects
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- tracklist -
A1. This Is Us (3:55)
A2. Agent Side Grinder Feat. Kite - Beloved Fool (6:08)
B1. This Is Us (Daniel Myer Remix) (4:29)
B2. This Is Us (Red Idiot Remix) (4:00)

last update: 2018-12-10
Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"Hardware (SFTWR Included!)" 2x CD 2013, Artoffact
12.00EUR • approx. 17.4USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
ASG once again steps into their musical time-machine, has a rendezvous with old masters such as Kraftwerk, Einsturzende Neubaten and Depeche Mode and invite them all on a reckless, rhythmic journey into a bleak future.

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- tracklist -
CD I: Hardware
01. Look Within
02. Sleeping Fury
03. Rip Me
04. Wolf Hour
05. Mag 7
06. Pyre
07. Bring It Back
08. Stranger Stranger
01. Wolf Hour (Red Idiot Rmx)
02. Bring It Back (Mf/Mb/ Rmx)
03. Life In Advance (Jacques C Rmx)
04. Die To Live (Container 90 Rmx)
05. Voice Of Your Noise (Fold Rmx)
06. String Strikes (Cvrd By Styx Tyger)
07. Stranger Stranger (Dödens Lammungar Rmx)
08. Sleeping Fury (Mighty Thor Rmx)
09. Look Within (Du Pacque Rmx)
10. 010-195 (Th. Tot Mx)
11. Black Vein (Rude 66 Rmx)
12. Rip Me (Sunbringer Rmx)
13. Die To Live (Blackstrap Rmx)
14. Life In Advance (Ccis Dub Mx)
15. Mag 7 (Jasper Tx Rmx)

last update: 2019-02-06
Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)
"s/t (2008)" 12" Gatefold LP 2008, Energy Rekords
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
Originally released on Enfant Terrible in 2008, ASG's debut had a rawer sound than their current polished Postpunk. This re-issue is limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

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- tracklist -
A1. Me, Me And Me
A2. Ricochetting Memories
A3. Voice Of Your Noise
A4. Lashes Of Flashes
A5. The Leading Role
B1. Brave New Age
B2. String Strikes
B3. Container Baby Traffic Blues
B4. Remnants Of My Sight

last update: 2018-12-10
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